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Highlights of 0.8.33o

Non-Upwards Compatible Changes

New features

Deprecated features

Bugs Addressed

Non-Upwards Compatible Changes

CapTP protocol changes

In order to fix the Inappropriate "the donor is gone" bug, I made an incompatible change to the CapTP protocol: the addition of the donorPath to the acceptFrom messages.

Syntax changes

Reserved some new keywords: "datatype", "fn", "fun".

An assignment-level statement in the collection position of a for-loop now requires parens.

for i in (def coll := foo()) {

New features

Experimental extra sugared forms of when-catch

See "experimental extra sweet when-catch syntaxes"

Experimental sugar-free form of when-catch

See "User Defined Control Flow"

Forward declaration may now appear at right end of assignment without parens

? def r := def p
# value: <Resolver>

Slightly better tracing

Setting TraceLog_causality=event will now trace exceptions that caught by an E try-catch and that escape a deflector.

Help is now sorted

? help(3)

Newly tamed classes

Thanks to Kevin Reid and Marc Stiegler

Newly iteratable classes


So, assuming it was correct not to suppress Charset#availableCharsets/0 above, we can enumerate it:

? def x := <import:java.nio.charset.Charset>.availableCharsets()

? for k => v in x {
>     println(`$k => $v`)
>     if (k[0] > 'E') { break }
> }
# stdout: Big5 => Big5
#         Big5-HKSCS => Big5-HKSCS
#         EUC-JP => EUC-JP
#         EUC-KR => EUC-KR
#         GB18030 => GB18030

Deprecated features

none yet

Bugs Addressed

  Thanks to...
out of memory in donutlab sliverserver Marc Stiegler
Inappropriate "the donor is gone" Benny Tsai
InputStream read/1 and read/3 must be suppressed Kevin Reid
SturdyRefs amplify even when they should not Kevin Reid
meta.context() exposes global state Kevin Reid
UnsafeLoader not thread-safe Kevin Reid
Unless stated otherwise, all text on this page which is either unattributed or by Mark S. Miller is hereby placed in the public domain.
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