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Downloading E


Links to the various licenses on parts of E.

  The License
  The MarkM License

Various source trees, tarballs, and such

  If you wish to obtain an official stable release of E, see below.

The E sources and the website are both maintained in Subversion. If you have a subversion client, you can check out the latest E sources by doing, for example,

$ svn co svn:// e

You can obtain the website by doing

$ svn co svn:// doc

With the TortoiseSVN client, you can simply click on the svn: links above to check out these source trees.

  Download and install SWT for your platform.

Download (a somewhat stale version of) javadoc-umentation (7MB) for E and the tamed Java libraries, or view online.

You can download the stale, broken, and non-open-source edoc sources here. Some of these files are derived from files in Sun's javadoc implementation, and so are covered by the SCSL license, which isn't open source. All those files should easily be replacable once edoc is modified to use sinjdoc rather than javadoc.

  Download (a less stale version of) the pages of the site itself (11MB).

keio: Kevin Reid's draft implementation of EIO for E-on-Java.

Read Kevin's announcement and more before using. I expect the eventual official EIO implementation for E-on-Java will be based instead on Kevin's implementation of EIO for E-on-CL.

Keio depends on Java's NIO, which was introduced as of Java 1.4.

Which version of E do you want?

I only maintain links below for a small number of the most recent releases, and for certain important old versions so long as there's a reason why someone might want to use these. If you wish to obtain a version for which there's no link below, please let me ( know

--> E 0.9.1 is CapTP serialization-incompatible with previous releases, by virtue of giving all serializable Java classes their own serialVersionUID as one is supposed to.
  0.9.0 is identical to the last E 0.8 except for its self-identified version, and therefore what major version is the default for E code that doesn't declare its version.
  0.8.37 is the final 0.8 release of E..
  Some development happened during 0.8.36, but it never became a release.
  0.8.35, fixes a number of outstanding bugs
  0.8.34 changed E's term-tree syntax so that it is now a superset of JSON.
  0.8.33 is smaller and faster, and introduces several new syntax experiments.

0.8.32, introduces Causeway, a message-oriented distributed debugger.
It also fixes a nasty bug in distributed garbage collection.

  0.8.31, uses the new httpsy-like "captp://..." URIs in anticipation of TLS and Redirectories.
  0.8.30 fixes some more bugs, and introduces some experimental syntactic conveniences.
  0.8.29 fixes our main outstanding security bug.
  In 0.8.28, CapTP once again supports 3-vat introduction by shortening!
  0.8.27 will never be an official E release, but represents the milestone of creating a first working Donut-Lab in only 72 hours!
  In 0.8.26, various features that were previously deprecated are no longer supported. This makes transition to 0.8.26 necessarily rocky. Please report any problems you encounter.
  In E 0.8.25 we are no longer using certain deprecated syntactic features, and we warn on their occurrence to help you get rid of these as well. We have also made guards more expressive, for better soft-type declarations and checking.
  0.8.24 is about twice as fast.
  In 0.8.23, capDesk works again.
  0.8.22 supports a limited form of persistence and upgrade. 16 bugs closed!
  0.8.21 supports, but doesn't yet require, SWT.
  0.8.20 is the release that never happened.
  0.8.19 adds some source position tracking, fixes several bugs (especially build bugs) and takes first steps towards Auditors and SWT integration.
  0.8.18 fixes several security bugs from the security review, and has several improvements to the E syntax.
  In 0.8.17, updoc can make use of multiple evalServers by using an evalServerPool.
  0.8.16 supports doc-comments and interface declarations.
  In 0.8.15 'class', 'delegate', and 'new' for constructors have been properly deprecated.
  0.8.14. This release has several improvements.
  0.8.13. This release can run headless.
  0.8.12. This is the release subjected to a security review by David Wagner and Dean Tribble.
0.8.10 is the first release to support Mac OS X !!
Also, Term-tree quantifiers are no longer restricted to one level.
  0.8.10epsilon1, contains a full quasi-parser for Term trees, and an incomplete implementation in which one level quantifiers work.
  0.8.10delta4: This is the current main release, with MarcS' eDesk and the new Term trees.
  0.8.10gamma2: Dean's transformer has been integrated into the main development path, resulting in a significant speedup of E computation.
  0.8.10beta1: Antlr bundled in, and used as basis of new Term / Functor trees.
  tl-otc- Last major distributed release. Incompatible protocol, other problems. Users should upgrade to 0.8.10alpha1 when they can afford some conversion costs, and if they don't currently require 3vat introductions. If you need help, please contact me, the
Unless stated otherwise, all text on this page which is either unattributed or by Mark S. Miller is hereby placed in the public domain.
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